NEXXT Journeys is a program designed to smooth the transition for new students starting their studies at a university. The program offers an onboarding journey that helps new students get to know the university and its resources, as well as answering common questions that students may have before their first day of classes.

The onboarding journey addresses a wide range of topics that are important for students to understand as they begin their studies. For example, the journey may include information on where students can go for help and support with questions and problems, as well as options for broadening their studies through extracurricular activities and clubs. Additionally, the journey may provide students with information on where they can find their timetable and how to navigate the university's website and other resources.

One of the key features of NEXXT Journeys is its ability to help students find the right study association for them. Many universities have a variety of study associations that cater to different interests and disciplines, and the onboarding journey can help students understand which one would be the best fit for them. By providing this information, NEXXT Journeys aims to help students start their studies with more confidence and make the most of their time at the university.

Overall, NEXXT Journeys is a comprehensive program that provides new students with the information and support they need to navigate the university and make the most of their time there. It is designed to ease the transition to university life and ensure that students are well-prepared for their studies before their first day of classes.


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