Welcome new hires to your organization in a fun and interactive way with our platform's onboarding feature. Utilize our timeline feature to offer the right knowledge at the right time, avoiding overwhelming new hires with too much information at once. A good onboarding program can save your organization from the high costs of onboarding without one. Our platform allows you to record unresolved knowledge in the digital onboarding process and adjust it as needed.

By providing a good onboarding program, you give your new hires the ability to refer back to previously shared knowledge, making their integration into your organization smoother. Increase participation, create momentum and reduce turnover by providing your new hires with an interactive and personalized onboarding experience with NEXXT Journeys.



NEXXT Journeys 

Be inspired by the possibilities of our amazing journey builder solution. NEXXT Journeys is a great solution for building an online knowledge sharing and training academy. With NEXXT Journeys anyone can create an amazing onboarding or training journey.

Build stunning journeys 

With our solution, anyone can build kick-ass journeys and it's fun too! Make learning fun! You are the director for your knowledge academy.