Already involved before the first day. Be top off mind with future talent.


Create personalized onboarding programs for your new onboarders.


Unfortunately, saying goodbye does exist. But that can also be done in a fun way, right?

On the job training

From how to deal with difficult customers to the introduction of a new product. Bee on top off training, bee the best you can bee.

Compliance training

Educate your employees about the laws or regulations that apply to their job title or industry. Always bee up-to-date and make compliance training easy to monitor.


Inform, inspire and share updates with teams, classes, the entire company or in person. Stay connected and communicate effective with your workforce.

Product training

Explain how a product works for your customer or employees? Make an inspiring journey.

Customer training

Create an optimal customer journey. Inform and collect feedback at the right times.

Franchisee training

Inform, inspire and share various insights with the franchisee. Collect feedback and know what's going on.

NEXXT Journeys 

Be inspired by the possibilities of our amazing journey builder solution. NEXXT Journeys is a great solution for building an online knowledge sharing and training academy. With NEXXT Journeys anyone can create an amazing onboarding or training journey.

Build stunning journeys 

With our solution, anyone can build kick-ass journeys and it's fun too! Make learning fun! You are the director for your knowledge academy.