A selection of the NEXXT Journeys features

Elevate your employee and student training with our platform's ability to create visually stunning journeys that promote fast and enjoyable learning. Our platform provides you with the tools, and you provide the knowledge. From pre-boarding to offboarding, compliance training and more, our platform gives you the power to become the director of your own online training and knowledge academy, making it easy for your employees and students to learn, integrate and excel.

QR code
Effortlessly access and share information with our platform's QR code feature. Finding the right content has never been easier, making it a breeze for you to distribute knowledge and keep your team informed.
Super Easy
Inspire and motivate your learners with our platform's ability to create fun and interactive journeys. Our innovative approach to training and education will engage your employees and students, making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Take control of your training schedule with our platform's timeline feature. Easily build your journeys based on a specific schedule, whether it's 30 days in advance or 180 days after the start, end or date. This feature allows you to plan and organize your training in a way that best suits your needs.

Clear Dashboard
Empower your participants to stay on track with their training through our platform's progress tracking feature. They can easily view the progress of their assigned journeys and receive notifications when new content is available, ensuring they stay up to date and engaged throughout the entire learning experience.

Pre-boarding: Already involved before the first day. Be top off mind with future talent.

Eliminate uncertainty and help new employees or students get off to a strong start with our platform's onboarding feature. Address common concerns such as who their colleagues are, where they are located and what attire is appropriate, giving them the confidence they need to succeed. Our platform provides the necessary tools to give your onboarders the support they need to jumpstart their journey.


Onboarding: Create amazing personalized onboarding programs for your new onboarders.

Improve participation, create momentum and reduce turnover with our platform's user-friendly onboarding solution. NEXXT Journeys enables you to provide your new hires with a interactive and personalized onboarding experience that will increase their engagement and help them integrate more quickly and effectively into your organization. This will lead to a smooth transition and reduce the risk of outflow from the organization.

Offboarding: Unfortunately, saying goodbye does exist. But that can also be done in a fun way, right?

Say goodbye in a positive and impactful way with our platform's offboarding feature. Transform a departing employee into a valuable ambassador for your organization or school by providing them with an interactive and memorable offboarding experience. This feature also allows you to gather valuable feedback that can help improve your organization or school in the future.

training on the job

Training: Train and stimulate employees.

Our platform's training feature allows you to improve the daily working methods and business processes of your employees. Good employee training is crucial in today's business environment and our platform provides the tools necessary to instruct, engage and retain your employees. Additionally, our platform also provides the capability to train your customers, promoting a stronger customer relationship and connecting them to your company and products in a unique and effective way.

Compliance: The training of employees that is required by law, regulation or policy.

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and laws with our platform's compliance training feature. This feature educates your employees on the specific laws and regulations that apply to their job title or industry, with the primary goal of maintaining a safe and dignified workplace. Our platform provides you the tools to train your employees on the laws and regulations they need to be aware of, keeping your organization compliant and your employees well-informed.


NEXXT Journeys 

Unlock endless possibilities and unleash your creativity with our powerful journey builder solution. NEXXT Journeys is the perfect solution for building an online knowledge sharing and training academy. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our platform allows anyone to create an engaging and interactive onboarding or training journey that will inspire and motivate your learners. Experience the power of NEXXT Journeys and take your training to the next level.

Build stunning journeys

Make learning and sharing information an enjoyable experience with our user-friendly journey builder solution. Our platform allows anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to create engaging and interactive journeys that will make a real impact on your learners. With NEXXT Journeys, you have the power to become the director of your own knowledge academy, and make learning and sharing information fun! Unleash your creativity and build kick-ass journeys that will inspire and motivate your learners.